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Porn stud Rion King has always gone his own way. This free spirit tried being part of the herd when he went to university to study anthropology, but Rion decided the rat race wasn't for him. Instead of settling for a boring and stable nine-to-five, he chose to find the kind of job that would make him happy. And since his favorite thing in the world is porn, that seemed like a good career to try for! In 2015, Rion filmed his first porn scene, and he knew right away that this was the work that would fulfill his every desire! Ever since, Rion's been following his bliss in the adult industry, and he says that life is awesome. Known for his laid-back hippie style, shaggy brown hair, and fat cock, this porn hunk has never tried to emulate other pornstars, and he's found tons of dedicated fans who love him for exactly who he is. When Rion's not on set making hot babes cum with his big dick and extremely talented tongue, he's usually communing with nature, most likely hiking in the mountains or swimming in the ocean with his wife, pornstar Shauna Skye. It's clear this lucky stud has found his place in the sun!

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