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Latina alt chick Emily Cash is a sexual chameleon. This babe from the steamy tropical paradise of Colombia literally changes colors based on her frequent whims, dyeing her naturally brown hair blue, red, or purple according to her mood. But Emily isn't changing her appearance to blend in--as her fans will attest, this stunner with the pinup girl beauty will always stand out! Emily's changeable looks go well beyond her hair. This foxy babe can appear cute and girly, glamorous and elegant, or edgy and dangerous, depending on what impression she's trying to make on any given day, hour, or even minute. Although her outfit, makeup, and hairstyle may change faster than the weather, Emily is always totally sexy! This big-booty Latina loves shaking her ass and playfully flashing her massive D-cup tits at her fans, and because Emily speaks English, French, and German in addition to Spanish, she can effortlessly switch between languages and chat with admirers from all over the world! See what Emily looks like today: check out her scenes on Reality Kings.

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