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Lean and lanky hunk Nick Galloway doesn't try to wind up in the middle of a gaggle of gorgeous girls whenever he leaves the house, it just seems to happen. With a strikingly handsome face and a shy smile, Nick's got a strong magnetism that draws in every woman who crosses his path from morning till night. From the cutie who works at the coffee shop he sees first thing in the morning to the sexy next door neighbor who spies him returning home at night, not to mention the countless waitresses, store clerks, and coworkers in between, there's no shortage of vixens who'd love to follow Nick home! Luckily for womankind, Nick's cock is big and hard enough to share, and even the most jealous babes around can be convinced to set aside their differences and work (or twerk) together for a chance to get their hands on his athletic bod. If you've always wanted your very own herd of hotties, pick up some tips from this natural pied piper in the videos below.

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